Sunday, March 4, 2012

Facebook has Changed Newsfeed Options Again! How to Get Recent Stories BACK in your FB NewsFeed !

There have been more changes made on Facebook – -yet again.  If you have recently noticed that the most recent posts are not coming in your newsfeed, you are not alone.   However, there is a SUPER simple fix available.  This new features is being rolled out to accounts, so if you can’t find it on your wall yet, be patient, it is coming!  Here is how to get your newsfeed to show the most recent posts for you:
1.  Go to your Wall and look for this image right above your feed:
2.  Click arrow by sort and from the drop down, choose Recent Stories First.

That’s it!! Can’t believe it’s that simple! Now your stories in your newsfeed, should be back the way they used to be several months ago, all of them, listed as they were posted by EVERYONE and EVERY PAGE that you follow!! 

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